Chapter 2. Features


The most important features and improvements are highlighted here, it would make this list too long if we were to include all the features and improvements. You will discover even more features in this documentation and in the ChangeLog file.

New features in the Krusader-1.80.0 "Final 3rd Stone" release

New features in the Krusader-1.90.0 "Power Stone" release

New features in the Krusader-2.0.0 "Mars Pathfinder" release

New features in the Krusader-2.1.0-beta1 "Rusty Clutch" release

  • Fast text/hex viewer for huge filesizes.

  • Locked tabs.

  • Queued packing / unpacking.

  • Better trash integration.

  • The Quicksearch supports regular expressions for searching files.

  • For more features, please read the ChangeLog and SVNNEWS.


If you are using a development or Git version, it is possible that the latest new features are not yet in the "The Krusader Handbook". Please read the Changelog file online or in the Krusader sources to find out more about the new features. For a brief description, please read the SVNNEWS file online or in the Krusader sources. User feedback and Bug reports are always welcome!